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Math Classes That Build a Good Math Foundation for a Successful Future. TR Consulting Group, Inc.  Boston, Newton, Framingham, MA

Building a Good Math Foundation
for a Successful Future


  • Mathematics, math education, educational experiences, class, geometry, Boston, Newton, Framingham To establish a parallel system of math education building basic math skills as well as offering advance math studies

  • Utilize the most effective European systems of Math Education

  • Maintain the highest educational standards through innovative and challenging curriculum

  • Provide the meaningful educational experiences in a stimulating and nurturing atmosphere



  • private lessions, math class, geometryA systematic approach to Math education viewing Mathematics as an integrated discipline

  • Knowledgeable and experienced faculty, devoting their full time commitment to the development and implementation of the program curriculum

  • Our commitment to assure the most effective interaction between teacher and student by keeping classes very small



  • Is designed to challenge but not overwhelm

  • Is an essential supplement to the existing educational system

  • Mathematics, private lessions, math class, geometry, Boston, Newton, Framingham Has a high expectation for student performance and active student participation

  • Increases the scope and depth of the study of Mathematical topics reinforcing regular school Math programs

  • Views Mathematics as a universal instrument for students to become independent life-long learners who will successfully use their Math skills no matter what will be their occupation in the future

  • Covers a great deal of material with emphasis placed on active learning, developing abilities to think and reason independently and clearly

  • Encourages students to present their own analysis of a Math concept or problem, receiving critical feedback from both teacher and peers

  • Is highly effective with a wide range of students, from those who feel anxious about math to those who are curious about math to those who are simply bored with their current math program

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